5 Great Ways to Enhance Communication and Increase Engagement

Great communication with your employees is a big part of strong engagement —the measure of how much the people in your organization are taking advantage of all the benefits you offer to attract and keep great talent. To get your team engaged, check out these strategies.

How many are you already using to maximize engagement?

Tailor to Each Generation

Account for communication styles and preferences that differ across the age groups you employ. Since Millennials are happy to integrate work and life, emails and texts are a great approach for them. On the other hand, face-to-face discussion is a good option with Baby Boomers who place high value on personal relationships.

Tweet, Link, Chat

Social media already dominates your employees’ lives, and an increasing number of companies are relying on those platforms for recruiting and communications. Many HR teams use SnapChat and LinkedIn to reach potential employees and push out wider community messages. Twitter is another great way to promote your company and drive future engagement with your benefits programs.

Multimedia Reach

Whether it’s over phones, work station desktops or laptops, many companies have found that they can reach more employees through audio and video communication. Some of the most powerful drivers of engagement have been videos on company values and testimonials from employees delivering informal talks about positive personal experiences with their employers.

Be Direct and Honest

One of the worst corporate communication flubs is a lack of transparency. It’s essential that your employees get updates about the company from you and other leaders rather than hearing it through the grapevine. Staying clear and direct will go a long way toward strong engagement.

Grow Leaders Internally

What better way could there be to engage employees in your company’s mission than to help them grow in their careers? Nothing spurs enthusiasm and momentum more than the hope that as your company grows, your employees have the chance to grow too! Keep your team up to date on any opportunities you offer to pursue higher education benefits or to train and practice leadership skills. And clearly discuss what it takes to grow along the various tracks.

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