Making Sure Employees Are Getting the Most Out of Benefits

June is Employee Wellbeing Month, so what better time to review the best ways to ensure your employees are getting the most out of their benefits?

Sure, beautiful weather and vacation season might be pulling at your employees’ attention. But that’s no reason you can’t offer a timely reminder of all the options they have to enhance their well-being through benefits. In fact, there might even be some overlap between the two. Here are a few ways to drive engagement this summer.

1. Hold a summer wellness campaign.

Summer is traditionally a slower time for benefits due to the summer break, but the right campaigns and communications can still break through. Consider:

  • Cross-promotional opportunities that show how benefits tie together. The possibilities here are endless. For example, create signs and emails that help employees connect what they’re learning from your financial wellness program to investing in a health savings account or 401(k).

  • Connecting the dots between health-wellness benefits and certain incentives like company contributions to an HSA or reduced premiums on health insurance.

  • Organizing a car pool. The more employees learn about financial wellness, the more they’ll be on the lookout for ways to tighten up their budgets. And carpooling to work with friends is one of the best ways to save money and build team morale.

  • A contest around your measurable benefits. Award prizes or points for employees who can hit certain fitness or financial wellness benchmarks.

  • A raffle. Does your company have an on-site library, credit union membership, community service benefit or carpool program? Enter anyone who participates in designated wellness benefits into a raffle for gift cards to local restaurants or coffee shops. This is a great way to encourage and reward participation, especially if you’re introducing new benefits.

  • A benefits picnic or ice cream social. Spread the word about what’s available through the power of free food.

  • A user survey. Gather testimonials from employees who are already winning. These will come in handy for your fall benefits campaign. And recording results might be just what some workers need to remind them how much they’ve already gained through engagement with your company’s benefits.

2. Embrace the great outdoors.

Your workers are already longing to be outside. Why not build in ways to meet that desire during the work week? Holding a company field day with outdoor games, races, contests and raffles is one great way to do that. Holding meetings outside is another.

3. Encourage vacation time.

Every company gives their employees paid time off, but far too many workers leave vacation days on the table. There’s absolutely no reason any employee should miss out on the hard-earned chance to relax when you’re offering it, especially in the summer! To encourage vacations, think ahead about keeping work duties covered. This will enhance well-being in at least two ways. Everyone will feel more comfortable about breaking away when they know leadership emphasizes its role in well-being. And those who aren’t on vacation will tighten up as a team when they see everyone cooperating to keep work flowing smoothly when a teammate is away.

How many of these benefits or strategies are you already implementing at your company? The more your team utilizes your benefits, the better they’ll feel and the more productive they’ll be. It’s a win-win approach that helps your entire organization.

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